Awards & Recognitions

David Julian Price has received a few awards and recognitions along the way.

Freeman of Rostrum

(Highest award available in Australian Rostrum for services to Rostrum and the community)

CSP – Certified Speaking Professional

(Highest designation available internationally for professional speakers)

National Nevin Award winner 1999

(Highest national award for services to speaking industry awarded by Professional Speakers Australia – formerly NSAA)

Professional Speaker of the Year Award 2000

(Highest State award for services to speaking industry)

Life Membership of Professional Speakers Australia – 2006 (formerly NSAA)

CSPGlobal (Now titled Global Speaking Fellow)

(One of the inaugural recipients of this award in 2013 and one of only three Australians)

President’s Award for Exemplary Service 2017

(Awarded by Professional Speakers Australia)

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