Keynotes - entertaining, engaging, and practical

When David Julian Price delivers a Keynote he makes sure that it's entertaining, engaging, and practical.  David has four keynote presentations - Raising the Bar, Decisioneering, Decisive Leadership, and Blue Penguin Strategies.  All of them can be tailored specifically for your industry or profession or business.

To see David in action speaking at conferences throughout the world, click on one of the videos below.

Apart from cutting edge content, David has a skill that few speakers have - he owns the room when he speaks.

It is very common for people to say that when David came on, the energy in the room noticeably lifted. It's for that reason that David is often engaged as the after lunch speaker - in the industry it's called the "graveyard shift". David is particularly good in that spot.

4 keynotes that can be tailored for any profession and any industry

The 3 key attributes of every keynote - entertaining - engaging - practical

To see David in action speaking at conferences throughout the world, click on one of the videos below.


David can deliver a Breakout session on any of the Keynote topics that he speaks on.  He can do it as the extension of a Keynote, or he can also develop a separate Breakout around one of the many topics that he speaks on.

The Breakouts are generally smaller groups, and are more interactive than a Keynote, and absolutely practical.  They are highly entertaining and engaging, and they can be tailored for your organization and for your conference.

Strategies for getting more results – “The Blue Penguin”

Strategies for getting more results is a very broad area of expertise and covers a number of the topics that are on this web page.  David uses a metaphor which he calls the “Blue Penguin”.

The “Blue Penguin” is a very easy metaphor to understand, it is simply how to stand out from the crowd, how to be the best of what you are so that you can attract the business or the people or the clients that you want to attract.

David does this in a number of ways, but the main area is mentoring and consulting with leaders and organizations about what they do and how they do it.  David looks for the ways in which there are opportunities for them to become the “Blue Penguin”.

That can be in terms of the way they manage their staff, it could be the way they deliver the customer experience, it could be the way they make the decisions. It touches on a whole range of areas, and it aims to do just one thing, and that is to get the results that you want.

The best way to explore this is for us literally to have a coffee, and just talk about your business and the challenges. I'm really good at asking probing questions to get to the crux of issues where there are opportunities for you to improve and become a blue penguin and get the results you want to achieve.

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