Managers, executives, senior people and boards or committees make decisions all day everyday. They all go through different processes which they have developed through experience.

Many decisions however  “just happen” and they are the ones that nearly always backfire or come back to bite you later. It’s usually because the decision making was lacking in some way.

This program covers different ways of making decisions and provides a toolbox of skills and understandings so that you are better equipped to use the right tools for the right purpose. Different decisions require different tools.

Decision making is an art and a science – the trick is to know how much science and how much art to use for particular decisions. That’s why we call it Decisioneering. It gets even more complicated when decisions are being made by more than one person – like in a meeting.

What we’ll cover:

    • Types of decisions – there are lots;
    • Different ways different people make decisions;
    • The good, the bad and the ugly decisions making processes;
    • Why different decisions need different processes;
    • The art and science of decisions making and how to strike the right balance;
    • The steps in making decisions;
    • What goes wrong and/or how to avoid it or fix it;
    • Group decision making – a different kettle of fish!;
    • Specific processes you can put in your armoury;
    • Recognising warning signals and what to do about them;
    • Aligning decisions with things like ethics, and organisational culture;
    • Techniques to use when quick decisions are needed;

The program is practical and presented in a way that is engaging and enjoyable to maximise your take away skills.

David Price has been consulting on meetings and especially decision making for over 25 years. You’ll benefit from his experience and his entertaining style of delivery.