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Presentations & Speaking

Nothing will move you further an​​​​d faster
in your career and your work than the ability to speak confidently and persuasively
in any situation.

A comment we often hear:
” One of our directors spoke at a client function and I was so impressed!

They were polished and confident and they made it look so easy!
I’ve seen others though, where I’ve wanted to crawl under the table. They’re great at their work but public speaking is not in their skill set!”

Sound familiar?

Nothing will move you further and faster than adding on to your technical skills, the ability to speak confidently and persuasively in any situation.

It’s never too late to learn this critical skill, one on one or in a group.

David Julian Price has been coaching people in all levels of presentation skills for over 25 years. He specialises in working with professional people who need to present confidently and persuasively in critical situations.

Boardroom presentations, client functions, corporate cocktails, client pitches, company seminars, client promotional seminars – anywhere that you have to stand in front of people and present you, your company, your information or your ideas.

Sometimes the people who are at the top of their profession technically have just never added public speaking to their skill set. You’ve probably been in audiences when they have spoken and their fantastic professional ability is overshadowed by their poor ability to communicate their ideas.

The problem is that afterwards, people tend to remember the speaking skill (or lack of it) more than the information that was given.

David is based in Perth, Western Australia but works with clients throughout Australia and also internationally.

Coaching in Speaking and Presentation for:

Business Leaders
Sales & Marketing Professionals
Community Leaders
Small Business Operators

David works with you to:

• Build your confidence & competence so you can speak effectively to any size audience;
•Engineer your message so that there is optimum “message to market match” and maximum impact;
•Develop the skill of conversion – turning words into sales;
•Identify speaking opportunities and get maximum results every time you speak;

The skill to speak effectively is useful at every type of function or event. Every time you speak one on one to a client, at a sales meeting, a client seminar, or an event with an audience large or small, you have the opportunity to stand out and make an impact.

No matter what your fears or skill level, you can learn to be an effective speaker and take advantage of the endless opportunities that will open up for you.

Individual and small group coaching throughout Australia and internationally.

Step Up and Stand Out Now!
Start your journey to speaking success with The Master

If you’d like to take your own career or your company to another level, call or email David for a confidential discussion about the best way we can work together. David can work with you one on one for general coaching, or one on one for a specific presentation, or we can work together in small groups.

Email: david@davidprice.com
Phone: (Within Australia) 08 9383 9499 or 041 8888 018 

Phone from Outside Australia: +61 8 9383 9499 or

+61 418 888 018