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Facilitator for Strategic Planning Meetings & Retreats

If you do a search on Google for “why use an external facilitator”, you will find literally hundreds and hundreds of entries about why it is advantageous to use an external facilitator rather than a person from within.

Nearly all the research that has been done shows that an internal person, especially the boss, if they are the facilitator, will generate significantly less results, and very, very different results to an external facilitator.  The reasons are obvious to facilitators, but not always to Managers who cannot see the situation with External Eyes.

Here are the reasons you should hire an external facilitator;

When the boss facilitates, the people (no matter how good the relationship is with their boss) will generally only say what they think the boss wants them to say.  They will rarely get into any difficult issues, and they won’t get into tricky issues.

An external facilitator has a whole range of advantages, such as :- They have no extra grind; there is no internal politics; they don’t know about or care about the internal politics; they are completely impartial; they have the ability to use processes to bring out the wisdom, the knowledge, the experience, and the awareness of the people in the team; and they are results focused.

When David Julian Price facilitates he puts a great deal of work into the preparation.  David likes to be involved right from the beginning.  For instance, the choice of the venue can absolutely make or break a facilitated session.  Whether it’s a summit, a planning meeting, a strategic planning workshop, an executive committee off-site, it really doesn’t matter, but the planning is important – as is the catering, the timing, and things like the temperature in the room.  David will take care of all of that.   He will be the troubleshooter for the workshop to make sure that you get the results that you want.

The 3 most important reasons to use an
External Facilitator for Planning & Strategy Meetings

Independence – no real or perceived axe to grind.

Managing personalities – keeping to the point and cutting off red herrings before they become sharks and making sure everyone has an equal voice.

Engagement – guiding conversations to unlock additional value that may otherwise stay hidden.

Examples of Facilitation Services I provide:

  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Idea generation meetings & retreats
  • Professional development retreats
  • Staff/executive/management retreats
  • Problem solving meetings
  • Personal development retreats

My philosophy for facilitation is that it is your meeting, not mine.  If I am successful, as I usually am, then I become almost invisible as I guide you towards your desired outcome.

I inject the processes that generate ideas and bring out the wisdom, experience, awareness and knowledge of the people attending. I only inject content when it adds value for re-framing, or considering other possibilities.

You are the experts at the content and issues. I am the expert at drawing it out in a meaningful way.

I have no axe to grind and so I don’t lead in any particular direction – you decide that.