Re-starting projects that have ground to a halt. How to breathe life into stalled projects.

Projects grind to a halt or stall for lots of reasons. Often the reasons are not as important as just getting them going again – breathing new life into them. This program is about moving forward.

It all starts with a meeting – but it’s a special type of meeting and it has just one purpose – to breathe life into a stalled project and get it going again. It needs a different type of agenda and different processes.

This program is for managers, project managers and senior people who find themselves managing a stalled project or have inherited one that is going nowhere. It is practical and strategic.

What is covered:

  • The reasons why projects stall – without apportioning blame;
  • How to call the meeting to restart the action – what to say and what not to say;
  • Starting the meeting – setting the scene;
  • Listening to concerns and issues;
  • Prioritising the forward action;
  • Delegating tasks and capturing the plan;
  • Thinking outside the box – determining if it is necessary and how to do it in a group;
  • Establishing milestones and deadlines;
  • Evaluating resources;
  • Anticipating stumbling blocks and how to handle them;
  • Identifying best people for specific aspects of the project;
  • Sharing the load;
  • Progress reporting.

The program is practical, engaging and enjoyable. it is presented in an entertaining style to maximise your take away skills.

David Price has been consulting on meetings and processes and getting them to achieve their purpose for 30 years. You’ll benefit from his experience and his entertaining style of delivery.