Delegation – the success secret of effective managers

Specially designed for managers, supervisors and executives!

Straight to the point 2 hour workshop

Delegation is a skill which needs to be learned. There are right and wrong ways to delegate, right and wrong types of work to delegate. In this fast moving 2 hour workshop you’ll see and hear about the success secret of effective managers.

Delegation is not hard once you know what, why and how. It’s a skill many managers miss out on in their “climb up the ladder”. You’ll be sitting with other managers and executives who have the same challenges as you and you’ll probably learn lots from hearing their experiences as well.

You’ll discover:

  • The 5 key concepts in delegating
  • What delegation really is and is not
  • Exactly and precisely what work to delegate – there’s a secret!
  • 9 types of tasks you can delegate
  • The 12 individual components top managers use to delegate
  • When, why, how and what to cover in appointment with your staff
  • The importance of trust and trustworthiness
  • The difference between accountability and responsibility
  • Delegating to the right person
  • How, when and why to follow up
  • The “How’s it going” call
  • Why a picture of the finished product is important
  • When and what to put in writing
  • How to de-stress!
  • Specially designed for managers, supervisors and executives!

This program is suitable for: Anyone who has people to whom they can delegate work. The program is presented in a practical and entertaining way to maximise your learning.