Getting More Done in Less Time

In one day you’ll hear and see how to tackle the eternal challenge of today’s world of work – how to get more done in less time

This program delivers real world tools and strategies for people who are under the pump.

It deals with the issue of having no-one to delegate to and needing to get a large workload finished while at the same time managing the stress it creates and also keeping perspective on that elusive work/life balance.

The program also focuses on the team environment when everyone is under pressure but conclusions depend on inputs from other team members.

You’ll discover:

  • How to make sure time doesn’t become your master and you it’s slave;
  • How to effectively negotiate priorities with fellow team members and managers;
  • How to understand and then use the differences between team members work styles and your own;
  • How to recognise the signs of procrastination and nip them in the bud;
  • How to build simple systems that work;
  • How to manage changing priorities;
  • How to stay focused on the team big picture while you are working on a small piece of it;
  • How to enjoy work and recognise the warning signs of stress so you can take action to avoid or minimize it;
  • How to use long term and short term planning to eliminate panic and “bushfires”;
  • How to negotiate priorities with other people in your team so you can all meet your  deadlines.

This program is ideal for:

  • People under pressure who are expected to do more with less.
  • People who are in ‘crisis management mode’ too often.
  • Anyone who needs more time to get things done.
  • People who work in a team where delegation is not an option.

This program is practical and entertaining to maxximse your learning.