Time Management for Executives and Managers

Time Management for Executives and Managers is all about getting more done in less time. The 21st century executive or manager is receiving more and more material to deal with, in both paper and electronic form. The dilemma facing them is that in order to get through the work, the quality needs to be compromised, or the quantity somehow needs to be reduced.

The big question is how? There is an answer!

This 3 hour program doesn’t fluff around. It gets straight to the hub of the problem. It focuses specifically and directly on the challenges your people face. It explores issues such as:

  • Mastering the setting of priorities for yourself and others;
  • Establishing ways and means by which people send you information;
  • Managing the flow of work across your desk – setting protocols in place so your staff give you information in the format that works best for you;
  • Handling the ever increasing emails – what to do and how to take control;
  • Personal organisation systems – what works for and what works against the 21st century executive;
  • How the harness the power of the concept of effectiveness;
  • Using “lists” at the executive level;
  • Finding and keeping a balance between work and personal life;
  • Understanding in practical, ready to apply terms the concept of working smarter;
  • How to make the most effective use of a PA or EA or staff assistance;
  • Finding ways to streamline your workflow and make sure it is working for you;
  • How to get reports from your staff in a way that helps you, not hinders;
  • Time saving techniques for reading the mountains of material;
  • Stress – recognising the signs and dealing with them;
  • Decision making techniques to help you make good decisions quickly;
  • How to clear your head of extra material or information;
  • Overcoming the cluttered desk/cluttered work area syndrome;
  • Working out what really is important and then using that information;
  • Creating routines and sticking to them;
  • Showing the good example so your staff become more productive as well;
  • Generating ideas – ways to do this quickly, then delegate the action;
  • Delegation! When to, how to, what to and why to;

This 3 hour program is practical, entertaining, up to date and tailored to be directly relevant for managers and executives. The style of presentation is tailored for senior people.