How to Have Fewer, Shorter and More Productive Meetings

Ask anyone who attends meetings and they will tell you almost every meeting could be cut down enormously. Why doesn’t it happen? Because no-one knows how.

This workshop will give you the answer even if you are not in the chair.

You’ll find out this and a lot more:

  • How to make sure everyone is organised for the meeting;
  • How to make sure everyone contributes;
  • How to draw out the best in people and play down their bad habits;
  • How to get the meeting started on time;
  • Strategies to handle wafflers;
  • How to keep the meeting moving and to the point;
  • Checks to make sure you (the chair) are not dominating;
  • Ways to deal with conflict and disagreement;
  • Skills to “read” a meeting so you know the best way to move on;
  • Tips for creating the optimum meeting atmosphere;
  • How to cut out the unnecessary chat and stay focussed;
  • Tips to get “people on side”.

This is a really entertaining, fast moving workshop. It will answer your questions about how you can get your meetings back on track and you will have the chance to ask specific questions about your own meetings.

Whether you go to formal, semi-formal or informal meetings, and whether you are on the chair or not, this workshop will give you knowledge and skill you can use wherever you work now or in the future. Running a good meeting is a universal skill.

After this workshop people who attend your meetings will say, Wow! We’ve all got to start meeting like this!