No More Boring Meetings – how to meet, share information, make decisions and keep people engaged!

Most people say the meetings they attend are boring, non-productive and many say they are a total waste of time. They are often not engaged at all. There is a better way.

There are ways you can still get together, share the information you need and make the decisions AND actually make things happen – but it needs a shift in thinking. If you do things the way you have always done them, then it’s crazy to expect different results. To get different results, you need to do things in a different way.

All of this is especially true if you have young people on your team. They don’t want to “meet”. They just want to get on with the job.

So how do you engage people, get the work done, and make the decisions that need to be made? The answer is rethink everything you have always thought about meetings.

In this program you’ll be introduced to new ways of thinking about your meetings. It may be challenging and you may have to let go of some of your long held beliefs. The good news is that the new techniques and strategies work – and they work really well. Not only is there more engagement, but more implementation happens and decisions get made much more efficiently and effectively.

This is a totally interactive program so you’ll get the chance to ask all the questions you want.

What we’ll cover:

  • Different ways to think about meetings;
  • The real purpose of the meeting;
  • Why people hate meetings so much;
  • Different ways to call meetings;
  • Different ways to “chair” meetings;
  • Different ways to “run” meetings;
  • Getting decisions implemented;
  • The best time to have meetings and the worst time!;
  • Techniques that engage people – especially younger people;
  • Boundaries and guidelines – what to set in place;
  • Why meet at all?  – The crucial question;
  • How to stop the meeting getting bogged down;
  • Recognising the danger signs;
  • Reinvigorating stale meetings;

The program is engaging and enjoyable. It’s style is practical and entertaining to maximise your take away skills.

David Price has been consulting on all aspects of meetings throughout the world for over 25 years. You’ll benefit from his experience and his entertaining style of delivery.