Getting on with other people – how to maximise your potential and rise to your challenges

This program is truly revealing. In a complete non-threatening way we look at why people behave as they do, and why others respond in the way they do.

The participants will learn a huge amount about themselves as well as learning about other people. But the focus will be on what to do with that understanding – how to maximise your own potential and how to rise to the challenges you face from time to time.

There are no uncomfortable role plays and you won’t be asked to reveal any secrets about yourself. But you will have fun and learn heaps.

We’ll cover things like:

  • personality types and how they can work for you and against you;
  • what makes you and other people “tick;
  • reading people and their body language;
  • how to get the most from situations;
  • turning things around in the direction you want them to go;
  • dealing with difficult colleagues and people;
  • how to be assertive;
  • how to be everything you want to be; and lots more.

The program will be presented in a practical and entertaining style to maximise your learning.