How to Handle Difficult People and Tricky Situations

Do you meet people like this?

  • RBA’s – Really Bad Attitude;
  • The bully or the tyrant;
  • Aliens – people who live on another planet;
  • A Clown – everything is one big joke;
  • The Back Stabber;
  • The Schmooze – Mr / Ms nice person;
  • Attila the Attitude – constantly negative;
  • The Slob – everything they touch turns into a mess;
  • Me, Me, Me, – look at me and do it my way;
  • The whinger – never stops complaining;
  • Duckers and Weavers – never take responsibility;

Have you ever faced tricky situations and not known what to do?

In this program you’ll discover:

  • How to stop someone getting under your skin;
  • How to control your anger and your emotions;
  • Taking the sting out of the tail of  difficult person;
  • How to recognize danger signs in communication;
  • Why different people think in different ways;
  • How to deal with angry people;
  • How to identify the real problem so you can deal with it;
  • The art of turning tense situations around;
  • The secrets to successful communication;
  • Dealing with molehills before they become mountains;
  • Shift from blame to solution;
  • How to work out why other people act like they do.

This program will:

  • Reduce you stress;
  • Make your job easier;
  • Help you enjoy work more;
  • Increase your promotion prospects;
  • Show you how to take the “driving seat” in tricky and difficult situations.

The program is presented in a practical and entertaining way so you maximise your learning.

There are no embarrassing role plays!