How to deliver a paper at a conference and stand out from all the rest

This program is designed specifically for anyone who needs to deliver a paper at a conference. It can be a daunting task, especially when you are delivering to your peers or more senior people. Is is applicable for conferences in WA, Australia or overseas.

The majority of feedback about papers at conferences is that they are boring. This program will give you skills and understandings to make the delivery of your paper professional and effective as well as making your paper stand out from the rest.

You’ll discover:

  • The different types of conferences;
  • The different types of papers that conferences tend to have;
  • The key questions you need to ask and have the answers crystal clear before you begin preparing;
  • How to plan your paper;
  • How to recognise that your paper is different to your presentation OF  the paper;
  • Understanding the needs and wants to the organiser;
  • Understanding the needs and wants of the audience;
  • Questions you need to ask about the audience;
  • How to plan and prepare you visuals so you don’t deliver “death by Powerpoint”;
  • The best use of notes when you are delivering the paper;
  • How to handle questions;
  • How to make yourself look and sound like a consummate professional;
  • Maximising the opportunities that can come from a conference presentation.

The program is practical and entertaining and will give you skills to really stand out at any conference at which you present.

David Price presents this program. He has presented at conferences throughout the world for over 25 years. He is a professional speaker who holds the highest accreditation available for speakers globally – CSPGlobal.

The program is ideal for people who need to deliver a paper and also anyone who may assist other people in preparing conference presentations.