Survival skills for PA’s and EA’s who have two or more bosses

Many PA’s and EA’s have more than one boss. It can be a nightmare, especially if the work styles of the bosses are different. The PA often becomes the “meat in the sandwich”.

This program is designed specifically for EA’s and PA’s who have more than one boss, 2, 3, 4 or even more in some organisations.

The EA is often not treated with the respect their position and their role deserves. But there are strategies you can use to make you life easier and at the same make your bosses think your are a star.

What we’ll cover:

  • Your work style and the strengths and challenges it creates;
  • The work style of your bosses and the challenges they presents for you;
  • The secret success skill – how to anticipate what your boss wants and is thinking;
  • Noticing patterns and what to do with them;
  • Handling moods and unpredictable behaviour;
  • How to be totally organised and in control of everything;
  • Handling multiple priorities;
  • Being the gatekeeper without getting a bad reputation;
  • Strategies that work and strategies that don’t work;
  • Boundaries, guidelines and where the line gets drawn;
  • Ethics and professionalism;
  • How to keep secrets and confidences;
  • Managing pressure so it does not become stress.

The program is engaging and enjoyable. It’s style is practical and entertaining to maximise your take away skills.

David Price has been consulting throughout the world for over 25 years. You’ll benefit from his experience and his entertaining style of delivery.