Let’s deal with the terminology of Chairman or Chairperson.  It does not matter which term you use. Some organizations use Chairman, some use Chairperson.  What David will bring to your meeting is the ability to chair a meeting, particularly a difficult meeting, so that you get the results that you need.  Chairing a meeting draws on a whole range of skills.

David’s background goes right back to 1980 in chairing meetings.  He is the author of four books about meetings, meeting procedure, and chairing meetings. He brings the skills and processes that are necessary to get your meeting to the objective or the end result that is required.

David is completely impartial and he won’t be running a meeting to get you the specific result you want if that’s not what the meeting determines. He will get the result that the meeting determines is appropriate using the appropriate mechanisms, which meet all of the requirements of modern meeting procedure and the basics of common-law.

The types of people that have employed David to chair their meetings are usually strata meetings of strata properties where the group of residents or owners are together, and they are notoriously conflict ridden.

David’s skills are completely impartial and he runs the meeting in an effective, objective and an appropriate manner.  He also deals with meetings such as general meetings of organizations and associations, and he can assist in interpreting clauses in the constitution that might be causing some difficulty.

You need to be aware that David is not a lawyer.  He has done legal training at University, but does not have a law degree.  David is studying a Master’s in Business Law.  He cannot give legal advice but he can give general suggestions of what would normally happen in a properly run meeting, so that you can get the results that need to be achieved.