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How much notice is required for an extraordinary meeting?

How much notice would a voluntary organisation need to give our members of an extraordinary meeting to be held to stand down two executives who have not been fulfilling their positions? This question has been asked by Christopher from South Australia. The answer usually lies in your own organisation’s constitution

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Fix the meetings – fix the culture

Harvard Business Review commissions lots of research. They recently had some research conducted which came up with some interesting statistics of the effects of meetings in the workplace. 182 senior managers in a range of industries were surveyed: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work.71% said meetings

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Who can raise a point of order in a meeting?

Alan is from a community association in the USA and has asked this question: Are members allowed to raise point of order, or is that restricted to Directors of the Board of Directors? The answer depends on the type of meeting. If it is a “general” meeting, that is an

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Proxy votes – when and how are they used

Bruce from Gabbin in Western Australia  has asked this question: In the absence of anything in the Constitution related to when proxies have to be submitted at an AGM, should they be given to the person chairing the meeting before any voting takes place Proxies can be tricky. Bruce is from a

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What happens when there is only one nominee for a position

Alan from Palmeston, Australia has asked this question: If there is only one nominee for President at the AGM, do the members still have to vote or are they elected automatically? This is a generally a simple question. In the absence of other nominations for any position, (not just president) then

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