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Postal Voting – who can vote

This question was received from Ken in Australia. Incorporated Not-for-profit Assoc in South Australia. Definition of Voting: All members eligible for voting at a general meeting. Provision for limited proxies elsewhere in “Rules” Some believe that because the “Rules” do not prohibit postal Votes that such should therefore be permissible

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The real cost of meetings

The real cost of meetings Wouldn’t it be great if all the time and energy you spent in meetings earned interest just like the money in your bank account? One of the most overlooked costs of meetings is the actual cost of time. To open up the discussion, let’s look

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When should minutes of a board meeting be distributed?

This question has been received from Angela in Canada. Hello there! I am the Secretary for a small, member-based, non-profit organization. I’m relatively new in this position and have bumped across some confusing problems which I hope you may have some insight. This is related to Minutes for normal Board

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Can staff vote in an incorporated organisation

This question has been received from Alice in New Zealand: There are several paid staff in our incorporated society, some of whom attended the AGM. One of them is recorded as having seconded the financial report – is this allowed? And if not, how do we go about getting another

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