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Are there special protocols for Zoom meetings?

I received this question from Andrew in Hong Kong: I work in a social service organization. Due to the outspread of the COVID-19, most of the meetings are conducted with the ZOOM software. What are the procedures we need to pay attention to before starting such types of meeting? Are

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What is a Point of Information?

I received this question from a man in India: What is the difference between point of order and point of information?   There is no such thing technically as a “Point of Information” just as there is no such thing as a point of clarification.   A point of order is

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AGM cancelled due to Covid-19? Here’s a workaround

Many organisations are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place with their Annual General Meetings. Their rules, bylaws or constitutions say that they must have an AGM in a particular month or a particular time of year. But with Coronavirus lockdown, that’s impossible. Virtual meetings are the

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Pedantic people changing the minutes – what can you do?

I received this question from Cheryl in Adelaide. What can one do if the Treasurer of the board is constantly revising the minutes that have already been approved by the President (Chair)? The changes are a significant amount of preferential changes to wording or phrasing and do not change the

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How do you amend minutes that have already been approved?

I received this question from Robyn in Australia: I am a Secretary of an incorporated non-profit body. If there are corrections to the minutes, duly approved, how do I record these corrections? In the old days, one would hand-write changes into the hard copy minute book. What should happen now,

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