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Pedantic people changing the minutes – what can you do?

I received this question from Cheryl in Adelaide. What can one do if the Treasurer of the board is constantly revising the minutes that have already been approved by the President (Chair)? The changes are a significant amount of preferential changes to wording or phrasing and do not change the

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How do you amend minutes that have already been approved?

I received this question from Robyn in Australia: I am a Secretary of an incorporated non-profit body. If there are corrections to the minutes, duly approved, how do I record these corrections? In the old days, one would hand-write changes into the hard copy minute book. What should happen now,

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How much notice is required for an extraordinary meeting?

How much notice would a voluntary organisation need to give our members of an extraordinary meeting to be held to stand down two executives who have not been fulfilling their positions? This question has been asked by Christopher from South Australia. The answer usually lies in your own organisation’s constitution

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Fix the meetings – fix the culture

Harvard Business Review commissions lots of research. They recently had some research conducted which came up with some interesting statistics of the effects of meetings in the workplace. 182 senior managers in a range of industries were surveyed: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work.71% said meetings

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