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Respected leaders only hold meetings that are necessary

Respected leaders only hold meetings that are necessary

Meetings are an often-overlooked opportunity to demonstrate effective leadership skills. Every meeting is an opportunity to teach your staff how to lead and communicate effectively. When your internal meetings are run poorly, you’re setting the standard and (often poor) expectations across your organisation.


When meetings are only scheduled if the issues must be discussed by meeting in person, and are consistently well-run to a high standard, and new chairs are coached in the same way emulating these standards, workplace culture improves. By focussing on the 3GN philosophy – “The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number” – the direction of the decision-making process opens up more inclusive discussion and outcomes.


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When you need good solid content with no fluff, David Price is the coach you need. His style is direct, interactive and engaging, ensuring the audience stays awake and leaves with takeaway techniques to implement that day. He is an expert presentation skills coach, meeting procedure sage, author, conference speaker and communications skills educator, able to explain complex ideas in simple terms.



I’m the ‘talent behind the talent’ at David Julian Price Consulting. When David’s in his zone of genius as a speaking and meetings coach, his eyes light up. I’m not kidding. When you love doing things that most people avoid, you know you’ve found your calling, and it’s a privilege and a delight to support my husband in this way – Denise Price


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