Nobody ever said “Fantastic! Another meeting!

I once had a client who thought his meetings were pretty good. His staff told me they thought there was room for improvement. I suggested to the client he invite me in to observe one of his meetings.

After the meeting, I sat down with the client and we went over what I had noticed. He was blown away. He had no idea so much was going on in the meeting he’d never seen or noticed. 

It’s not that I’m any smarter than him – I just saw the meeting through a different lens.

By implementing a few simple changes his meeting times decreased by more than half, more decisions were made and while the meetings didn’t become the highlight of the week, people did turn up willingly instead of begrudgingly.

I can do that for you. Save you hours in actual time and at the same time improve productivity – often astronomically.

Think of me as a doctor doing your annual checkup. I’ll come in and run a stethoscope over your meetings and give you a meetings checkup.

I call the process I use ExternalEyes. Because I’m an outside person, I’m impartial. I have no axe to grind, no barrow to push. I see it as it is.

If you’re worried about confidentiality, don’t be. I’m an experienced  professional. What I see and hear remains with me. I will sign any NDA you need.

The next step? Call me and we can start you on your journey of fewer, shorter, better meetings.


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