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How to Chair a Meeting so it Takes Half the Time with Twice the Results

It has been estimated by meeting attendees in Australia that almost every meeting they attend could be reduced in time by at least one third to a half. 

This program will show you how you can reduce your meetings even if you’re not in the chair! People who can run a good meeting get noticed!

Designed for: Anyone who takes part in any type of meetings. This program is suitable for supervisors through to middle to senior managers.

You’ll discover:

  • How to handle the wafflers and strong opinions;
  • How to get people to take on roles and tasks;
  • How to deal with conflict in a meeting;
  • How to get the best decision as quickly as possible;
  • How to make a meeting productive even when the person in the chair is not skilled;
  • The key skills for chairing meetings;
  • How to keep a meeting on track;
  • How to get a result that meets the needs of the meeting;
  • How to make sure that people are prepared for the meeting;
  • How to make sure that everyone is heard fairly;
  • Which procedures to use in certain circumstances;
  • When to use formality and how much, and when to be informal; and
  • Which procedures to use in certain circumstances.

Workshop style:  Fast moving, entertaining and interactive.  Heaps of fun!