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Mastering Meeting Procedure

Meeting procedure is used rarely in business today but it is still common in local government, government, boards and not-for-profit organisations. If you have limited experience or knowledge it can all sound like another language.

David Price is the author of Meeting Procedure Made EasyGoing Through the MotionsThe Meeting Toolbox and co author of Take the Chair. He has been consulting in all matters regarding meetings for 30 years and id known as Australia’s meetings expert.

In this program he will cover the basics of meeting procedure and then go into as much depth as the participants require to understand what they need to know and apply in their jobs or their roles.

What will be covered:

  • The origins of meeting procedure;
  • Recognising that different organisations run their meetings in different ways;
  • What authorities are relevant in Australia;
  • Types of motions;
  • Amendments – when, how and who can move them;
  • Points or Order – what they are and how they should be used and how the chair should deal with them;
  • Procedural motions – what they are, what they do and who can move them;
  • Tricky and confusing procedures;
  • Meeting procedure myths;
  • Who can do what and when;
  • The role, power and authority of the chair;
  • The terminology minefield;
  • Standing Orders and By-Laws – what they are and how to use them;
  • How to word motions effectively;
  • Minutes – what should and should not be recorded;

The program will be run so that participants can ask all the questions they have so that they get answers that are relevant to their situation.

Every participant will receive a copy of Meeting Procedure Made Easy.

The program presented in a way that is engaging and enjoyable. The program will be practical and entertaining to maximise your take away skills.

David Price has been consulting on meetings and getting them to achieve their purpose for 30 years. You’ll benefit from his experience and his entertaining style of delivery.