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Presentation Skills for Executives and Managers

How to make powerful presentations and get your message across to 10 or 1000 people. No nonsense, straight to the point presentation skills for managers and executives

David Julian Price is a professional speaker who has worked throughout the world and presented to tens of thousands of people over 29 years. He knows what goes into making a good presentation and he is an expert at helping executives polish their skills. He works with people to build their confidence, improve their delivery, increase their presence and power, and structure their presentations so that they have optimum impact for the type of presentation and the target audience.

If you want to give a professional looking presentation, learn from a world recognised professional speaker.

Specially designed for senior managers and executives

You’ll see and hear:

  • How to build presence in front of an audience
  • How to use your voice for optimum impact
  • How to structure a presentation to meet its specific purpose
  • How to inspire people
  • How to move people to action and persuade your audience
  • The power of anecdotes and mataphor
  • Quick and easy short cuts to prepare your presentation
  • The tips and traps of using Powerpoint®
  • How & where to stand to maximise impact
  • How to use your notes without distracting from the message
  • How to “ad lib”
  • How to handle questions & interruptions
  • How to project strength and purpose

This program is high content and delivered in a practical and entertaining way to maximise your learning. It is short and punchy so you can get in, get the knowledge and get back to work.