David Julian Price has worked with people who spend up to 95% of their working week in meetings.  The problem with that is they only had 5% of their week left to do the work that the meetings generate.  This is not a workable situation.

Most people David talks to in organizations either do not like meetings or absolutely hate them and will do anything to get out of attending a meeting.  So you have to ask, why is this the case and why has it been the case for literally decades, and very, very little has changed?  The reason is that there are either too many meetings, or they are too long, or the most common is they simply don’t achieve any results.

Many people say that the time that is spent in a meeting does not measure out when it’s measured against the results that that meeting achieves.  So why?  Well, there’s a whole range of reasons, but it comes down to a number of key points and key things that people who chair meetings and people who attend meetings can do to make the meetings more productive.

David works in every aspect of meetings.  He has been doing that since 1980.  David has written three books on meeting procedure and meetings generally, as well as a program of chairing meetings.  He works with organizations in terms of their minute-taking and record-keeping, their chairing of the meetings, their managing and organization of the meetings, and their actual participation in meetings. And most of the time he can save the meeting time by between 50% to 70% by implementing a few basic tools and strategies that need to be implemented across the board to get the results.

Most people are lazy when it comes to preparing for meetings. They wait until the meeting to start thinking about what they need to do or what they need to prepare, and so the vast majority of people who attend the meeting do not come prepared for what the meeting’s purpose is. Therein lies another interesting point, when people are asked the purpose of a meeting most people either give a different purpose to the real one or they say they have no idea what the purpose is.

The way David works. David can do a Keynote on meetings, as well as a Breakout session, PD sessions, Lunch and Learns, or alternatively David can come in and chair meetings for organizations to get a result, or sometimes to show them how it’s done.

With a Meeting Diagnostic, David will be able to save your organizations hours every week  in attending meetings which are not as productive as they could or should be.  This is a huge problem for any organization, and there is a huge opportunity to increase productivity by implementing some simple strategies to get the results that you want to achieve.

To get a meeting diagnostic check, email David.