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Would you give an arm or a leg to increase the skills of your sales team?

 Do you need to spice up your sales meetings and get your team to think outside the box?

Salespeople today need to be smart, streetwise and motivated. That’s where I can help.



I’m David Julian Price, a Perth based speaker and consultant. I specialise in showing your team how to understand how your customers think, make decisions, and see the world through their eyes – which means results. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I don’t need to tell you that business has changed dramatically and continues to change. This means it’s probably time for a fresh approach.


 Spicing up your sales meetings by bringing in an engaging and entertaining speaker can move your team from their traditional thinking, to ‘wow, that’s different. I’ll try that.’

 “David Price blew me away with the clarity of his message. He took something that many of us have heard before and he made it impactful, significant, and effective for us to apply. I just love his laid back sense of humour.” – Andrew Bryant – Self Leadership International.


My material is not standard sales training. This is not anything like DISC, Click, HBDI or Myers Briggs – it’s a really simple way of understanding people and how they buy. It complements any other training you may have done.


Let’s talk about your sales meetings. The best way to get your salespeople interested and motivated is to make the sales meetings entertaining and valuable.


Study after study shows that when people laugh while they learn, they remember more, and are much more likely to take action.


“The thing I liked about David’s presentation today was that it was simple, yet effective. And man, I laughed! I laughed and laughed and laughed! But I remembered what he said.” – Elias Kanaris, Singapore


The best way to make meetings valuable is to give your team good, solid information, tips and streetwise strategies they can use straight away to increase their results.


All of the strategies I teach will show your team how to streamline the way they connect with people. When the penny drops, your people will get their “Ah-ha moment” and that’s when everything changes.


I teach your sales team:


1. What makes people tick and how they make decisions

A really funny way of looking at how people tick and how to reach their hot buttons, especially how they make decisions. When your salespeople are equipped with this knowledge, their world changes because they look through a different lens. Because they have a deeper understanding of how people think, their conversion rates will increase.


I’ll also share some insights into how decisions get made in organisations – it’s very different to how individuals make decisions. So, if your people are selling to larger organisations where there is more than one decision-maker, I’ll give them an understanding of how to navigate a bureaucracy.


Funny, engaging and interactive – Ideally 45 minutes. 


“I really resonated with David’s style today. It was the perfect balance of humour and content with tangible action to walk away with. ” – Tess Nobile 

2. How to ride the wave of change and not be    dumped by it

You and I know organisations are leaner and meaner and need to do much more with less. This means your customers are more discerning in their buying decisions. Salespeople have to be smarter than ever before – they have to stand out from their competition in a positive way.


It’s a crucial mindset. I deliver a workshop that covers a range of tips and strategies about how to stand out in a positive and appropriate way, build trust, develop strong relationships and increase sales.


Interactive and entertaining – Ideally 45 minutes


“I’ve just heard David speak about how to tune into the language that their clients’ think and speak. It was really, really insightful and I found it very, very useful.” Charles Stodart, Zurich Insurance


3. Pitch and presentation coaching

Like it or not, everyone is judged by the way they present themselves and the way they speak and deliver their pitch – and the judgement happens within seconds. In the past, many professional salespeople were sent to Rostrum or Toastmasters to learn how to present. This doesn’t happen as much anymore but the need to present well is still there. Because people who speak well stand out in the crowd, they have credibility, are trusted and they build solid relationships. 


I coach salespeople how to present and deliver a winning pitch. This is a longer workshop, but man, does it get results! 


Nothing moves you further and faster in your career than the ability to speak confidently and persuasively.


This is a fully participative workshop – I coach sales teams to improve everything about their presentation. I get really powerful results. We cover everything from how to present in the way you look, how you stand or sit, through to what you say and how to say it.


Most importantly though – I don’t create clones – I build on each person’s own personality, and style.


Ideally 1-2 hours depending on numbers as it is fully participative


“David has a unique ability to break things down into the bare essentials, and then put them into terms that are easy to understand. He challenges you to put them into practice there and then.” – Ken Holzman – Business Coach


My programs deliver content that your people can apply as soon as they walk out the door. 


Call me on 0418 888 018 to chat about how I can show your team how to raise the bar and increase results.


I look forward to hearing from you. We can meet at your office or over a coffee.






David Julian Price


Listen to David speak about Pitching

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