Why our clients choose us

Our clients choose us for 3 reasons:
  • Our 35 years of experience and our depth and breadth of knowledge
  • The way we work – our style and methodology enables us to reach all levels in organisations
  • The speed with which we get results
We asked our clients to each give us 3 words that describe us. Here’s what they said
Clear, strategic, persuasive, professional, energetic, accurate, influencer, assertive, provocative, knowledgeable, authentic, patient, challenging, direct, laser focussed, courageous, bold, experienced, connected, honesty, considered, integrity, supportive, aware, hawk like, visionary, clarity, sharp, genuine, reliable, thorough, informed, relevant, meaningful, creative, cheeky, engaging, real, compelling, convincing, credible, dynamic, intense, innovative, effective, 
Our “claims to fame”
Member of the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame
One of only 40 speakers worldwide to hold Global Speaking Fellow designation
Awarded Certified Speaking Professional designation in 1993
Past State and National President of Professional Speakers Australia
Past World President of the Global Speakers Federation

Past State and National President of Australian Rostrum

How we get the results we do

We have developed solid frameworks which enable us to identify our clients’ core issues quickly and with clarity.

With 35 years experience, we dive deep fast and work with clients on specific issues without any fluff.
The methods we use are tried and true and get results which frequently make clients say Wow.
We work hard with people at all levels to find the hidden gems – the champion within and we shine a light on their hidden talents – everyone has them. We do this in a way that we call Hot Seat coaching.
We are direct. Like a diamond, nothing happens until there is pressure. We apply pressure strategically – we ease you not drag you out of your comfort zone – that’s how we find the gems. That said, we are into building people up, not pulling them down.
In groups, we do the same thing. We identify the hidden issues and the gems and work to move forward. We look through the windscreen at what’s ahead and what’s possible, not through the rear view mirror at what has happened before.
Our strong educational foundation means we understand how people learn and develop skills and one of the best ways is through laughter. Our sessions are never boring – they are entertaining and engaging.
That’s how we get the results we do.