How to make effective presentations to boards or senior executive meetings

Making a presentation to a board or a senior executive meeting is very different to almost any other type of presentation. Sometimes the presentations are so important that people’s careers or future prospects are on the line.

This program covers exactly what you have to do to get your message across effectively and impress the board with your professionalism and expertise in your field and as a presenter.

There’s no “fluff” in this program. It is straight to the point and gives you a step by step approach to designing and delivering a powerful presentation that has the outcomes you want.
What we’ll cover in this program:

  • A crystal clear understanding of the differences between board and senior exec meeting presentations and “other” presentations;
  • Understanding the specific nature of boards;
  • What boards want as distinct from what they need;
  • How to balance the difference between their needs and wants;
  • Structuring a presentation;
  • When and how to use visuals that work and don’t drive them crazy;
  • How to “read” the meeting so you know how you are going and particularly when to stop talking;
  • Knowing how much detail is just the right amount;
  • The best way to present yourself professionally;
  • What to leave the meeting – handouts and summaries;
  • The protocols of boards – how to make sure you inadvertently don’t tread on toes or get the meeting off side.


The program is very practical. It is nevertheless presented in an entertaining way to maximise your learning and understanding.

David Price has been presenting throughout the world for over 25 years so you’ll benefit from his experience. He is a no-nonsense presenter who delivers high value content.