Minute Taking Made Easy from Staff Room to Board Room

This is the benchmark program which government and non-government organisations all over Australia have been sending their people to for over 20 years.

A fast moving, entertaining and practical half day workshop for anyone who takes minutes at any type of meeting.

Minute taking note taking

(With no role plays and you don’t have to take any minutes!!!)

It is continually updated to take account of changing techniques, technology and governance requirements. Everyone hates the minute taker’s job. This entertaining and practical program is for anyone who has to take minutes. There are techniques and tips you can use to make minute taking much easier. This program is suitable for people at any level  who attend meetings or takes notes or minutes at meetings.

Program Objectives

At the end of this training program, participants will:

  • Understand the role of the minute taker.
  • Have an understanding of the latest minute taking techniques.
  • Know how to work smart in regards to minute taking.
  • Spend less time working on the minutes.
  • Know what to record and what not to record.
  • When, and how much the minute taker should participate in the meeting.
  • Understand ways to record both formal and informal minutes.
  • Know how to format minutes for various types of meetings.
  • See how to ensure people come prepared.
  • Have techniques for dealing with difficult chairpersons or participants.
  • Understand their legal responsibilities.
  • Know how to take minutes in meetings where they don’t understand the content

This program is practical and presented in an entertaining way to maximise your learning. Participants DO NOT have to take minutes during the program!!

Almost everyone hates taking minutes at meetings. There are several reasons.Some people feel intimidated by the people who attend the meetings while others are terrified that they will miss something.

Many people write frantically and then spend hours and sometimes days trying to make sense of their notes.

Lots of people think that it would all be so much easier if they only knew shorthand.

There are a few people who even feign sickness to avoid the whole issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which David answers in this program.

  • How do I know what to write down and what to leave out?
  • What short cuts are there and how do I know when to use them?
  • Can I interrupt the meeting if I don’t know what they mean, or didn’t hear what they said?
  • My chairperson is a nightmare. I know what I’d like to do, but what can I do?
  • Some of the people, in my meetings want me to write down everything they say and then when I do, they say I have written it down incorrectly – HELP!!!
  • My meetings are very formal. What do I have to include?
  • I’m worried about the legalities – what MUST I know to keep out of trouble?
  • I don’t do shorthand – does it matter?
  • How do I get people to prepare for the meeting so I’m not run off my feet doing things for people at the last minute?
  • Who should do the agenda and how do you prepare an agenda that works?
  • I spend hours transcribing and making sense of my notes – is there a better way?

David answers literally dozens of your questions during the program (and lots more that you didn’t know you had!) and at the end of the morning you’ll have an armoury of tools and strategies to make your minute taking much less stressful.

Here’s What Other People Have Said About This Program

Very informative, helpful and David was a joy as a presenter – made it fun
Joanne Walker
Australian Institute of Sport
Very well presented and explained. Surprisingly simple but effective.
Joe Glover
Commercial Assistant
Very progressive – more progressive than most departments
Jan Lockley
Pricing Review Team

Questions lots of people ask

Will I Be Bored Silly – After All, The Topic Is Minute Taking!?

One of the first things you’ll discover when you attend this program is that David is a funny man. He has the unique ability to make what some people think is an incredibly boring subject – taking minutes – really entertaining. David understands completely that adults learn best when they feel comfortable and they are enjoying themselves – you’ll laugh a lot!

David is also totally practical. He doesn’t teach things that are unrealistic or impractical. You’ll learn useful, handy and convenient ways to make your minute taking a much easier task than it is now.

Is This Program Suitable For My Organisation?

You’re probably wondering if this program is suitable for your organisation or the type of meetings you attend. Well, David has trained people from every type of organisation from government, mining companies, accountancy and law firms, manufacturing, chemical, agricultural, medical, industrial, associations and clubs, charities, churches – after 20 years he has worked with them all! In addition, David’s strategies work for meetings from the board room where minutes have legal implications right through to the weekly staff meeting and everything in between.

Is This Up To Date With New Corporate Governance Requirements?

David is an internationally qualified corporate governance professional and also holds the Company Director’s Diploma and the Corporate Directors Diploma. That means that you will receive the most up to date information about minute taking that you can get anywhere – all delivered in an entertaining and totally practical package.

How Long Is The Program?

The program is half a day. We could stretch it out to a full day but our experience is that a full day out of the office is sometimes hard to take and David has the training experience to give you everything you need in a tightly run, well organised, four hours. David believes that it’s better to make the training fast moving and high in energy, than slow moving and “restful”.

How Much Will It Cost To Get This Skill?

You’ll be getting a professionally presented and incredibly well packaged summary of over 20 years of experience for $297. And you’ll be getting this from Australia ’s recognised expert on meetings – David Julian Price.

What Will I Receive?

As an attendee at the program you’ll receive a comprehensive manual including copyright cleared templates you can use. Of course, you will be able to ask questions at any time in the future and we’ll send you the answer. It  is like having your own personal “Minute Taking Coach” sitting next to you!

You will also receive updates as we release them on new techniques and strategies we develop or we learn about. It will make you the most valuable person in the meetings!

When Can I Attend?

We run these programs regularly. Email david@davidprice.com for details of future dates or to arrange a course to be run in your organisation.