Presentation Skills – How to present like a pro when your legs feel like jelly

In a completely non-threatening workshop style, a person who earns his living as speaker will show you the tricks of the trade so you’ll be able to make a good presentation and not feel foolish.  Whether you make presentations to very small groups or large, and whether your presentations are technical or emotive, this workshop is guaranteed to improve your skills out of sight!

SPECIAL BENEFIT! David has developed a technique to prepare a powerful presentation that people will remember when your preparation time is short.  It’s a sure-fire formula that anyone can apply and David will teach it to you in this program.  The technique is now used by doctors, lawyers, managers, community representatives, librarians, councillors – it works for anyone!

Designed for:  People who need to make presentations to colleagues or outside audiences and want to learn how to get a message across effectively and control the nerves.

You’ll learn:

  • The tricks professionals use to prepare when the pressure is on;
  • How to turn your nerves into positive energy;
  • A sure fire formula for preparing in minimum time with maximum impact;
  • How to use the magic of humour;
  • Designing, producing and using high powered visuals with or without fancy equipment;
  • How to make the presentations memorable;
  • How to balance information and entertainment;
  • How to deliver technical information;
  • About our own stance, gestures, habits and strengths;
  • How to read an audience so you can predict their needs and wants;
  • How to interact with an audience and get direct response;
  • The skill of persuasion – how to persuade them to agree with you or buy from you;
  • How to enjoy yourself and come over enthusiastic about your subject without being “over the top”!

The program is practical and entertaining to maximise your learning.

No-one is made to feel uncomfortable!