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Here is a list of books on meeting procedure for Australia and New Zealand.

General books on meeting procedure

Meeting Procedure Made Easy

By David Julian Price

Published by Cascade Publishing

Available at

Guide for Meetings and Organisations

By N.E. Renton

Published by the Law Book Company

Available at bookshops

Take the Chair

By David Price, Harold Luxton and Bill Smith

Published by Australian Rostrum

Available from Rostrum Western Australia

Books for Company Meetings

Company Meetings, What you need to know

By Greg Bateman

Published by Butterworths

Available at bookshops

Books for more legal and technical information

Joske’s Law and Procedure at Meetings in Australia

By Eilis S Magner

Published by The Law Book Company

Available in bookshops

Horsley’s Meetings. Procedure, Law and Practice

By A.D. Lang

Published by Butterworths

Available in bookshops

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