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Keith from Bathurst in New South Wales has asked this question:

A motion that has been moved to ban a competitor from an event.  A letter has been written to our disciplinary board and the motion was then rescinded at the next meeting.  Is this correct, the board has not yet met regarding the letter.This tricky to answer accurately without more information and I have had to make some auumptions. But based on the information we have in the question, there are some points to be aware of.Firstly no group can rescind a motion moved by another group. In this instance, the disciplinary board cannot rescind a motion that was moved by the governing board. They may have the power in their constitution to overrule the board’s decision, but they cannot rescind.From what I understand, the disciplinary board is a sub-committee of the governing board and so it should be able to make recommendations to the governing board. In this case, with the information we have, it sounds like a letter has been written to the disciplinary board and they have decided that, based on that letter,  the original motion to ban a competitor was considered to be unwise. If that is the case, they should have either a) made a decision to reverse the decision if they have the power to do that under their constitution, or, b) to recommend to the governing board that the decision be reversed. It is always tricky in situations like these where there are two “boards”. The important thing to remember, is who has what power to do what.

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