Natalie from New Zealand has asked this question. She asks:  I understand that 2 weeks notice should be given before an AGM.  Is it necessary for the reports that will be presented to the AGM be available 2 weeks in advance? (For a small organisation)

Should notices of motion be presented 2 weeks in advance, especially if they are to affect the governance of the same organisation?

Should such motions be rejected/delayed if they are not tabled until the actual AGM meeting?

I would be grateful for your comments.

There are several issues here. The first is about reports being sent out with the notice of the meeting. The answer is ideally yes, but you note that it is a small organisation and presumably voluntary. Reality is that in my experience, in small voluntary organisation, the reports are provided at the AGM itself. Sure, it would be good if they were available beforehand, but volunteers are giving their time and the last thing you want to do is scare them away with what they may see as bureaucratic or pedantic requirements.

The next issues are quite different.

Notices of motion MUST be provided in advance, especially if they are to do with the governance of the organisation. That is the point of the “notice of meeting”. The chair (or the meeting) is well within its rights to reject a motion presented at the AGM which affects the governance of the organisation if notice has not been provided.

Notice should be the exact wording of the proposed motion. Such a motion can also only be amended such that the intent is not altered.

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