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When we ask people about the meeting they have at work, most – up to 70% of people, say that the meetings they go to are in general, a waste of time. Many people add the descriptor COMPLETE waste of time!

Why Why Why???

Managers are (generally) smart people. They wouldn’t be a manager if they were not. So why do so many persist in running meetings in the same way they did 10, 20, 30 years ago?

It’s time for a revolution so I am leading the charge to Revolutionise Your Meetings! I have started writing the book – the fourth book I have written about meetings!

The first thing to do is to reduce the number of meetings you have, and reduce the number of people to those who absolutely have to be there. No peripheral people! If you do that and nothing esle, the results will be dramatic – I promise.

I am starting a Podcast in  March 2017 titled Revolutionise Your Work. I will publish details here and in other places. There you will hear in 10 minutes or less, ways to revolutionise your work so you can revolutionise your results.

By the way, I am based in Australia and I consult to executives. managers and organisations about everything to do with meetings (and also decisions and decision making and implementation, speaking and presentations , and information overload and time management.

Revolutionise your Work and revolutionise your results!








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