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Denise of Perth has asked the following question:

What is the situation with using a data projector in meetings for the minutes.

Using a data projector for displaying the minutes while they are being typed is an excellent idea and more and more minute takers are moving towards this. The advantages are that the minutes are seen as they are being typed and mistakes or misinterpretations are corrected then and there.
Many minute takers are reluctant to use a data projector because they feel that their typing skills will be scrutinised. This is perfectly understandable but a false concern. The meeting is more concerned about the correct content than the typing skills of the minute taker. Sure they will ;point out typos but that is good, not bad.
Also, remember, the minuite vtaker is loikely to be the best typist in the room anyway!
By the way, all of this is based on the assumption that your minutes a are a record of what is done and decided, not what is said – which is exactly what minutes should be.

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