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Here I will be commenting on issues which arise from clients and general issues relating to everything to do with meetings.

You are welcome to submit questions or comments and the more questions we receive, the more useful the blog will become.

There are five categories but some posts will apply to more than one category. The five categories are Managing and Organising Meetings, Chairing Meetings, Governance, Minute Taking and Meeting Procedure.

Please be aware that I am in Australia and so the meeting procedure we use is not Robert’s Rules of Order – we use a very much more simple set of procedures which works very well for Australia and New Zealand. They are covered fully in my book Meeting Procedure Made Easy which is available through this site.

Most other subjects will be universally applicable throughout the world.

Enjoy my blog.

David Julian Price

1 thought on “Welcome to the Blog

  1. Just needed to know what at the most important information you would exact from a discussion at a meeting.

    The infor on minute taking bombshell is awesome. Already looking forward to the rest info.

    N. Whyte

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