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What must the chair do when a point of order is raised?
Immediately a point of order is raised the chair must stop the speaker or stop the process of the meeting and deal with the point of order.

The chair should ask the speaker to resume his or her seat and then listen to the point of order. Having heard the point, the chair must rule immediately, subject to conferring with relevant authorities, about the validity of the issue raised in the point of order.

There are three possible statements a chairperson can make:

1. “That is not a point of order”.
This is made when the point of order which has been raised is not a point of order. It is most likely a statement of opinion or similar and should be dealt with quickly.

2. I will accept your point of order and therefore …” In this instance the chair will continue the meeting according to the correct procedure, having had attention drawn to a breach or irregularity.

3. “I do not accept your point or order”
In this case the chair will continue with the meeting as if there had been no interruption.

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