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I have received this question from a subscriber – Which minutes are tabled at a Special General Meeting?

Sounds like a tricky question doesn’t it? The issue is easy to understand when you understand the meaning of a “general” meeting.

There are really only two types of “general meeting” – the Annual General Meeting and the Special General Meeting (SGM) which is sometimes called an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

If the meeting is a “general meeting” as opposed to an ordinary or regular meeting, then the minutes which are approved are those of the last general meeting.

So if you have an AGM, and no other general meeting is held until the next AGM, then the minutes which are approved are those of the last AGM.

If you have an AGM, and then during the year you have an SGM or EGM, then the minutes that are approved at the SGM are those of the AGM – the last general meeting. Then, at the next AGM, the minutes which are approved are those of the SGM since it was the most recent general meeting.

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