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Alan is a new subscriber and has asked this question:

As secretary, I send out requests for agenda items for our monthly meetings, and then an agenda. To whom should apologies be sent? I think as the person sending out the call and agenda for the meeting, that apologies should be sent back to me. Or is it to the President/ Chairman?  Thanks Alan

The answer it does not really matter. Apologies can be tendered at the meeting itself by a person who has been asked to give apologies for another member, or in advance. You can argue that it is polite or courteous to advise the secretary but there is no rule or protocol.

It is certainly more efficient for the secretary if the apologies are sent to them because that way there is no doubt that they will be recorded accurately. There is, however, no requirement unless your organisation sets up the protocol. Even if they do this though, there is nothing stopping apologies being tendered at the meeting.


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