Respected leaders are decisive
Writing note showing Let S Do This. Business photo showcasing the act to agree on doing something or would like to do it Laptop pencil squared paper sheet container spiral colored background.

Respected leaders are decisive

There is a really interesting piece of research that was done with 400 CEOs.  This is what they were asked….. “Of all the decisions that have been made in your…

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How to be a Charismatic Chairperson – David Price

In every workplace, on virtually any day, there will be one, six, ten, a hundred meetings and every one will be “led” by someone. Whether that person sees themselves as “chairing” the meeting or not, the other people do. And so every day throughout the world there are tens of thousands of people chairing meetings – it is perhaps the most common universal activity which occurs in workplaces in every part of the globe every working day.

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