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Which is more important when you speak or present - content or delivery?

Think about receiving a parcel. I have one coming today and I’m looking forward to receiving it. The delivery is crucial – it doesn’t matter what the contents are. If the delivery fails the whole thing is irrelevant. It’s exactly the same with presenting. If the delivery is poor, it doesn’t really matter about the content. Most people spend the majority of their preparation time working on content, and that’s really important. But what is more important is how you’re going to deliver the content. How you’re going to package it. The best content in the world, delivered poorly, will never have the impact it deserves. Think about an actor – any actor. They spend a lot of time learning their lines. That’s the content. But they spend even more time learning and practising how to say the lines. That’s the delivery. Great presentations take time to prepare. Sure, some people are great at spontaneous speaking or off the cuff speaking, but most people have to work at it. The biggest trap they can fall into is working on content and ignoring delivery, or spending minimal time on delivery. Next time you have a presentation to make, think like an actor. Prepare your content, then work on your delivery. It’s like Uber Eats. The best meal has no taste if the delivery fails.

2 thoughts on “Which is more important when you speak or present – content or delivery?

  1. I love this article. As a Funeral & Wedding Celebrant (but particularly in the Funeral Celebrant industry) I have observed many celebrants who have created such wonderful ceremonies… but their delivery has been woeful. Receiving tips on improving presentation skills should be a frequently offered professional development session for celebrants!

    • Thanks Julz. Yes I am a celebrant also (since 1985) and I agree with you comopletekly.

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