How To Chair A Meeting (Online Course – Book Online)

This program is a practical and very comprehensive program for anyone who chairs meetings.

Whether you chair meetings at work, at your local sporting club, a charity or not-for-profit organisation, a board, or your property owners meeting, this program will give you heaps of tips and strategies to make your role easier and more effective.

When meetings are chaired well, the outcomes are always better.

People who have great chairing skills are respected and held in high regard.

People who chair meetings well at work get noticed and are given responsibilities and often promotions.

There’s no “fluff” in this program. It’s solid practical information you can use immediately.

Apart from the introductory module, you can work through in any order and at your own pace.

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Course Curriculum

1 Introduction to How to Chair or Run a Meeting
2 The Basics – Watch these first
3 The Essential Things You Need in Your Chairmanship Toolbox
4 Your Role as the Chair
5 Important Understandings
6 Formalities & Technicalities
7 Difficult Situations
8 Types of Chairing Styles
9 Decision Making
10 Other Issues
11 Resources for More Information
12 Bonus Stuff