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An effective meeting facilitator builds a robust psychological safety net

An effective meeting facilitator builds a robust psychological safety net

In your strategic problem solving or ideation facilitation meetings, how willing are people to speak up when they have a different point of view? How willing are they to disagree? How willing are they to offer new ideas? How willing are they to go “outside the box”?

It mostly comes down to the chair but it also comes down to the culture of the meeting or the organisation.


Meetings that actively encourage “different thinking” achieve far more, are more engaging and get greater buy-in. The established meeting etiquette in your organisation also impacts the effectiveness of the communication in your meetings. This is where establishing meeting ground rules is important, as it sets expectations in behaviour and minimises misunderstandings.

How to create psychological safety in your facilitation meetings

Building a psychological safety net is not as simple as just asking more questions, although that is the foundation. There’s a body of knowledge to be considered….


  • Asking the right questions to tap into the collective wisdom, knowledge, experience and awareness of every person in the room.
  • Actively encourage people to speak up and put their thoughts and ideas on the table.
  • Provide opportunities and space for people to speak up and offer thoughts. One idea can spark another – you know how it goes.
  • Suspend all judgement. Consider everything, evaluate it, give it time to spark other ideas.
  • Zero tolerance policy for instant judgement – or any judgement. Don’t allow anyone to put anyone else’s ideas or thoughts down.
  • Build a culture of collaboration and encouragement.
  • Build a zero tolerance culture of negative reactions. Instead, turn negative comments into questions or constructive comments.

As an accomplished presentation skills coach, meetings expert and advisor, author of 4 books on meeting procedure, independent, impartial chairperson and strategic facilitator, David Julian Price combines all of these skillsets when facilitating your strategic planning meetings.


Just as we automatically understand how to drive a car, David’s broad skill set of managing people in meetings inherently kicks in. He quickly and clearly sees and senses the differing dynamics of the group and switches gears to suit what is needed to keep the discussion moving forward. This flexibility to adapt quickly brings out the best in your people, resulting in collaborative outcomes.

Benefits of engaging an external Professional Meeting Facilitator

An effective, strategic facilitator is like a hawk – able to take in the whole landscape whilst zeroing in on the minute and crucial details.


By doing this, the group collaboratively moves forward instead of potentially becoming “just another talkfest.”


By appointing an internal facilitator, you may think you save money. From the short-term perspective, this could be seen to be true. A well-run collaborative event needs a very clear direction for it to steer in the right direction.


However, often the real cost may not be realised until you’ve assessed the actual outcomes long after the event took place. Were the results want the group collectively thought was best for the organisation? Or were the decisions made unconsciously being steered by an internal influence?

Can you ride 2 bikes at the same time?

Even if you’re a circus performer, it’s not possible to ride two bikes at the same time. Just as it’s not possible to be both a participant and an effective meeting facilitator in the same strategy or ideation meeting. 


An external, impartial facilitator has one role only. And that is to work with your team to produce the best possible outcomes. There’s no bias, no axe to grind, no hidden agenda and no ‘history’ or judgement.

When you put your trust in the expertise of an external facilitator, the leadership team is able to be fully engaged in generating outcomes without worrying about the process.


There are many more reasons why you should employ an external facilitator for your next strategic planning day.


You’ll be so glad you did, because….

David Julian Price, as your external meeting facilitator….

  • Sees things that those inside the organisation often don’t or cannot see.
  • Works with the group to provide problem definition. By clearly defining the importance of the problems and issues, they can be weighted accordingly.
  • Is not concerned with internal politics, or issues of the participants, and brings no baggage.
  • Is impartial, independent and objective. He’s not married to any particular outcome, view or direction.
  • Holds no power in the organisation which creates an even playing field. Everyone participates and all contributions are captured regardless of level, role or status.
  • Helps to clarify and visualise, bringing the skills of facilitation and a body of knowledge around process, guiding the group to the outcomes they need or want.
  • Listens without judgement or bias.
  • Asks the difficult questions that internal staff may not be willing to ask.
  • Challenges assumptions, thinking, ideas and views with the purpose of drilling down when necessary.
  • Is able to steer the process in the right direction.
  • Recognises and minimises red herring discussions or tangential issues.
  • Can and will probe sensitive issues.
  • Appropriately shares experience from other organisations without breaking any confidentiality.
  • Can and will address the elephant in the room.
  • Appropriately pushes the leadership team to more insightful thinking.
  • Brings attention to detail whilst keeping a clear eye on the big picture.
  • Is action-oriented to ensure there is clarity around implementation.
  • Harnesses the skills, knowledge and experience of everyone in the room.
  • Ensures the naturally quieter people participate and are heard, and makes sure no one dominates the discussion.
  • Manages personality clashes.
  • Unlocks hidden gems which add additional value.
  • Brings a bag of meeting facilitation tools and processes to explore, probe and prioritise issues.
  • Works on getting the best outcomes. Not the convenient, expeditious or compromised outcomes.
  • Will follow a general meeting structure, that goes with the flow of a fluid meeting agenda.
  • Reduces your overall cost by ensuring the event runs professionally and achieves its desired outcomes.
  • Understands meeting etiquette and how to instil these principles in others so they follow this example. This results in everyone behaving professionally and respectfully of others’ time and effort.

Whenever David Julian Price facilitates or chairs a meeting, he follows his unique 3GN Model. as a guide to ensuring the best outcomes are made for the organization.

So what exactly is 3GN?  

3GN = Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

This is the overarching philosophy David Julian Price stands by to guide the group on the correct path so they move forward, not backwards. It works because it suits each organisation’s situation perfectly,  generating collaborative outcomes. Each strategic or ideation meeting has its own tangents to navigate.


When you engage David Julian Price as your meeting facilitator, his vast and complementary skills will add layers of depth to your retreat.


  • High-level presentation skills coach
  • Keynote and Breakout Speaker on the platform
  • Meetings advisor
  • Independent, impartial chair for contentious meetings
  • Impartial Facilitator
  • Author 4 books on Meeting Procedures

Resulting in better outcomes for your organisation.


There are many types of events where an external impartial facilitator with first-class effective presentations techniques adds significant value…


  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Executive or Board Retreats
  • Leadership Team off-site meetings
  • Idea Generation and Development meetings
  • Problem-solving meetings
  • EXCO off-sites
  • Staff Developments events

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There are many types of events where an external impartial facilitator with first-class effective presentations techniques adds significant value…


  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Executive or Board Retreats
  • Leadership Team off-site meetings
  • Idea Generation and Development meetings
  • Problem-solving meetings
  • EXCO off-sites
  • Staff Developments events

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When you need good solid content with no fluff, David Price is the coach you need. His style is direct, interactive and engaging, ensuring the audience stays awake and leaves with takeaway techniques to implement that day. He is an expert presentation skills coach, meeting procedure sage, author, conference speaker and communications skills educator, able to explain complex ideas in simple terms.


I’m the ‘talent behind the talent’ at David Julian Price Consulting. When David’s in his zone of genius as a speaking and meetings coach, his eyes light up. I’m not kidding. When you love doing things that most people avoid, you know you’ve found your calling, and it’s a privilege and a delight to support my husband in this way – Denise Price


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