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What’s an elevator pitch? Put simply, it’s a catch-phrase or short description of the features of the product or service you provide and the benefits your customers will experience if they do business with you.

They’re called elevator pitches as they’re as short as a ride in an elevator. And you never know who you could end up in an elevator with. Maybe a future boss, or someone you’ve been wanting to ‘bump’ into for a while that you’d love to connect with? Well, now’s your chance to make a good and lasting impression. But what to say?

The irony is that most elevator pitches are not given in an elevator. They’re said at places such as networking or business events where you get 30 seconds or a minute to introduce yourself and say what you do.

In a recent survey we conducted, we asked a number of regular attendees of networking functions what percentage of elevator pitches were memorable and effective. The average was 20%.

Top Tips from an Elevator Pitch Coach

Tip 1 - Be ready

Business elevator pitches can be said anywhere, anytime, so you need to be ready. Keep 2 or 3 tucked away in your memory bank vault for unexpected meet-ups.

Remember, you’ve got 30 seconds or less before the opportunity could be lost forever. 

For example, you might bump into someone on the street, or at a mates’ backyard BBQ or a networking event. If the situation calls for it, they may ask the favourite go-to question when you’re getting to know someone …. “And what do you do?”

Even if the person you speak with isn’t a good fit for your services, they may know someone who is.

Tip 2 - Create curiosity quickly

If you don’t have their attention in the first 3 seconds, you’re unlikely to get it later.

If eyebrows are raised that’s good news. It means you’ve created curiosity and didn’t confuse.

Tip 3 - Define what you offer simply

This may sound obvious, but sometimes it’s much harder to define this simply when you’re immersed in it. A professional pitch coach can help you articulate the features of your offering, distilling it to perfection.

An elevator pitch is more than a greeting.  Its purpose is to get a follow-up meeting

A good pitch should be brief. When you have less to for others to hear, it’s easier for them to remember. If it’s too long, this could be a reason why your business elevator pitch isn’t starting conversations.

Tip 4 - Define the benefits

If you’re struggling to find the right words, this means your message could be confusing to others. As well as speaking clearly, you should find words that clearly define the benefit they’ll experience from working with you.

Frame the shift you want people to make. And the action you’d like them to take

Tip 5 - Make it memorable

We remember better if it’s said simply, such as in a rhyme

Put your catch-phrase into a rhythm or beat. Making it easy for others to repeat.

You’ll learn a punchier pitch said in less time. With a relevant metaphor, and maybe a rhyme

David’s pitching workshop was amazing. In 9 minutes he helped me to craft a couple of different pitches that got the group laughing. 

Tip 6 - How to say it

Speaking with confidence is important, and so is speaking clearly, but they’re only part of the equation. Coming up with the words for your elevator pitch script is also important. To really make your elevator pitch pop, hiring an elevator pitch coach is like putting the icing on your business cake’s delivery and message.

But an often over-looked part of the pitching process is the design, or in other words, how you put it all together so it’s a good presentation of your pitch.

You’ll learn techniques for speaking with confidence LINK to be added to public speaking coach page

So your pitch and body language are congruent.

When giving a presentation your words may not land how you expect them to if your physiology does not match your message.  A good presentation should include an understanding of how other elements are combined to back up your message, such as pausing, pace, stance plus other presentation tips and unique presentation ideas.

Tip 7 - Hire an elevator pitch coach

David Julian Price is the master pitch coach. As well as learning many presentation tips at the Pitching Bootcamps, you’ll also be hot-seat coached to fast-track your speaking skills.

Would you like to learn how to say and put it all together? Come and learn presentation skills training that lasts forever.

Tip 8 - Learn from others

At the elevator pitching bootcamps, you’ll not only learn from the master elevator pitch coach, David Julian Price, you’ll also learn by watching others being coached on the spot. 

Participants all join in to help one another, often creating long-lasting friendships and business relationships. Group coaching creates intrigue, engages and informs. At David Price’s Pitching bootcamps we all brainstorm.


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Even shorter elevator speech examples

If you’re hot and you want to be cool, call me.

Who likes talking to Telstra or Optus? That’s what I do. I talk to Telstra and Optus for my clients so they don’t have to.

I’m Rob Heldoorn from Aria Telco Management.


“I’ve just completed a course with David Julian Price and I’m absolutely in awe of how he managed to digest what we were telling him and turn it into a pitch and to actually remember it himself. It was absolutely fantastic!

He made everyone feel relaxed with some fun presentation ideas and exercises before working with us individually to create a memorable pitch uniquely tailored to each of us. If anyone wants a great pitch and gain confidence sign up for this course.”

Dave Edward – The Customer Experience Guy

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