Presenting to a board or senior executive team is very different to other presentations. 


The way that a presentation is made to a board is not like most other audiences. 


Board presentations need to be concise, they need to be crystal clear, and they need to have an obvious outcome or call to action. 


When people present to boards, a common mistake is that they provide too much detail. Boards are generally not interested in the detail until the overall concept or point is understood. 


One of the essential things is to make a presentation that gives enough detail for people to sign on, or be interested, but not too much as to make the audience think you’re hiding something. 


And therein lies the great irony. When more detail is presented to a board, it’s a very common phenomenon they believe there’s something to hide. 


It sounds ridiculous, but it’s a fact. 


The ‘Presenting to a Board’ workshop covers a higher-level of presentation skills:- 

  • You’ll learn how to design your presentation so you know what to say 
  • You’ll learn how to frame your information so it can be easily understood 
  • You’ll learn how to design and use PowerPoint so your message is clear, and congruent with your words 
  • You’ll learn the importance of nonverbal communication – when and how to use it 
  • You’ll learn how to work within the challenging logistics of the room so it benefits you, not against you  
  • You’ll learn what the optimum duration of your presentation should be for best engagement 
  • You’ll learn how and where to look when you speak to specific sections that need highlighting  
  • You’ll learn the crucial concept of global and specific so your presentation is pitched using words that resonate with your audience 


In this program, you’ll be a person who will be known as a great presenter and great presenters are offered opportunities. This skill is one that is well worth developing.

2 hour


Half Day


Virtual or

in person face to face

Full day


Small group or

individual coaching