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David Julian Price has been working in the meetings space for almost 40 years. In short, he knows his stuff.

He has written 4 books about meetings and consults to organisations large and small, government, private and not-for-profit on everything from more effective meetings, through minute taking, chairing skills and technical meeting procedure.

His clients call him the Master of Meetings.

David runs highly engaging and interactive workshops on all aspects of meetings and he saves organisations tens of thousands of dollars in unproductive meetings.


Fewer, Shorter, Better Meetings

How to Chair or Run a Meeting That Gets Results

Taking Minutes from Staff Room to Board Room

Presenting to a board David Julian Price

Understanding Meeting Procedure

Effective Board Meetings

Meeting Diagnostic

Lunch & Learn

45 – 75 minutes

Staff Meeting

30 – 90 minutes

2 hour


Half Day


Full day




Small group or

individual coaching

Virtual or

in person face to face