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Decisive Leadership

      The science of making better decisions faster

High Value Meetings
of people in the workforce say that meetings they attend at work don’t help them get any work done

Better Decision

of business decisions fail according to a survey of 400 CEO’s.
of them because they were never implemented

Communication Clarity
of people who give presentations say that their presentation skills are critical to their career success

When people say - "Not another bloody meeting or "That meeting was a waste of time".

I have the solution

When people say - what happened to the decisions we made about this months ago?

I have the solution

When presentations miss the mark, take forever to prepare, aren't engaging or don't achieve their purpose.

I have the solution

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  • Phone: (08) 9383 9499
  • phone
    International: +61 8 9383 9499
  • Mobile: 041 8888 018
  • International: +61 418 888 018
  • Email: david@davidprice.com
  • Post: P.O.Box 14 Floreat Western Australia 6014
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