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Nothing will move you further or faster than the ability to speak confidently & persuasively


Great leaders run engaging meetings that have clarity, generate good decisions and focus on results.

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The foundation of how I work with you is shaped by the 3GN philosophy

The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

Graham Foster
Graham FosterCEO
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I could see straight away that David knew his stuff and then as the work progressed I saw his infinite patience and strategic manner. Our people were rapt in his advice and results were immediate. David is highly personable and intelligent.
Lauren O'Neill
Lauren O'NeillManager
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What I enjoyed most about David’s presentation was his enthusiasm and relatability with the staff. He was able to adapt the session as it went along. He knows how to stretch people to raise the bar.
Jeff Bailey
Jeff BaileyRegional Manager
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David was magnificent. His learnings were directly applicable to the work I do with financial advisors. A brilliant presentation all round.
Jo Saunders
Jo SaundersGlobal LinkedIn Consultant
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I highly recommend David. He worked on frameworks and helped me get really clear on what I'm selling, who I'm selling to and how to make my message crystal clear
Julie Meek
Julie MeekDietitian and Performance Specialist
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David pulls no punches in his coaching and so you move much faster and further. He has the ability to get right to the core with just a few questions and then turn that into exactly the words that I needed to say.
David Simmons
David SimmonsCEO TSG Key Group
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I’m an engineer by profession but David is a master when it comes to engineering words. He worked with me to get my message sounding like a highly tuned machine that suited me, my personality and and what I am about.
Gabriela Rosa
Gabriela Rosa
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David is amazing. With just a few simple things, he had me presenting in a way I have never done before. Using the tips David taught me I now have a sales conversion rate of between 30% and 40% every time I present.

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