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...I laughed! I laughed and laughed and laughed! But I remembered what he said.

When you’re looking to do the things you’ve always done, only better, the stakes are high. I’m David Julian Price and I’ve been dubbed “The Meetings Man” after my reputation of blasting too many unproductive meetings from business schedules for 3 decades. This has garnered me acclaim and awards for being Australia’s authority on meetings.

Whether it’s meetings or presentation coaching, I transform complex concepts and make them simple. This means we get to the core of the issues needing attention very quickly.

The after-lunch graveyard slot. You know the one. The spot where it doesn’t seem to matter what you do, there’s an energy and engagement lag.

I love the graveyard slot. I bring it to life.

I’m a Member of the Australian Speakers’ Hall of Fame not for nothing – keynotes, breakouts, and workshops for any industry and in any profession. Give me the hard audience, I’ll raise the roof with my engaging and funny speaking.

Want all eyes on you?

I teach people just like you to own the room when you speak.

Nothing will move you further and faster in your career than the ability to speak confidently and persuasively in any situation.

My unique “10 Steps” system works on design and delivery and creates powerful speakers and presenters. I can move you from average to amazing very quickly. I will push you out of your comfort zone but the results are worth it.

Because no one ever said, “Hooray, another meeting!”

I’ll teach you to run meetings that are fewer, shorter, and, at the same time, much more productive.

Using the most up to date techniques, strategies, and processes including showing you how to use technology to turn meetings into powerful tools that get results from everyone involved. I’ve developed the 3GN model and it forms the basis of my philosophy – the greatest good for the greatest number. Many meetings are all about power plays and egos and they serve very few people, workplaces and organisations.

You can’t ride two bikes at the same time. You can’t play the guitar and make a sandwich. You can’t tap dance and tie your shoes.

Just like you cannot be an active participant in a strategy meeting while trying to be the facilitator as well.

It doesn’t work for anyone. As a professional external facilitator, I bring process, insight, and energy to make sure you get the best possible result.

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Washington DC
Raising the Bar
Audience size – 2200

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Perth, Australia
Blue Penguin Strategies / Decisioneering
Audience size

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Audience size -250

Graham Foster
Graham FosterCEO
Read More
I could see straight away that David knew his stuff and then as the work progressed I saw his infinite patience and strategic manner. Our people were rapt in his advice and results were immediate. David is highly personable and intelligent.
Lauren O'Neill
Lauren O'NeillManager
Read More
What I enjoyed most about David’s presentation was his enthusiasm and relatability with the staff. He was able to adapt the session as it went along. He knows how to stretch people to raise the bar.
Jeff Bailey
Jeff BaileyRegional Manager
Read More
David was magnificent. His learnings were directly applicable to the work I do with financial advisors. A brilliant presentation all round.
Jo Saunders
Jo SaundersGlobal LinkedIn Consultant
Read More
I highly recommend David. He worked on frameworks and helped me get really clear on what I'm selling, who I'm selling to and how to make my message crystal clear
Julie Meek
Julie MeekDietitian and Performance Specialist
Read More
David pulls no punches in his coaching and so you move much faster and further. He has the ability to get right to the core with just a few questions and then turn that into exactly the words that I needed to say.
David Simmons
David SimmonsCEO TSG Key Group
Read More
I’m an engineer by profession but David is a master when it comes to engineering words. He worked with me to get my message sounding like a highly tuned machine that suited me, my personality and and what I am about.
Gabriela Rosa
Gabriela Rosa
Read More
David is amazing. With just a few simple things, he had me presenting in a way I have never done before. Using the tips David taught me I now have a sales conversion rate of between 30% and 40% every time I present.

Thanks to these clients who have welcomed me onto their stages or into their meeting rooms:

Amazing things can start with the power of a single conversation. Let’s have one. It’s totally cost and obligation free. Book it here.

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