Need to do more with less and increase productivity?

Most people say that one of the major reasons they can't be as productive as they could be is meetings, bloody meetings!

I can show you how to transform your meetings into being short, sharp and highly productive!

When your meetings are productive, you can see it and feel it ... in staff engagement, in KPIs and in your bottom line.

The mood changes. More gets done. The mojo increases. Productivity skyrockets. 

I'm David Julian Price - Mr Meetings! I'm the productivity troubleshooter. 

Short, Sharp, Productive Meetings = Increased Results

It's not as simple as it sounds. The trick is not so much to simply reduce the number of meetings - it's more important to transform the meetings you have into smooth running effective events that generate results. By making meetings simple and uncomplicated, you'll naturally minimise your meetings and that will maximise your results. David with works with leaders in organisation to show them how to do this.

David works with organisations and their managers and leaders to look differently at the way they organise and run meetings. Over the years his clients have called him "Mr Meetings", the "Master of Meetings" and "The Meetings Guru" because he brings over 30 years of experience and knowledge about every aspect of meetings.

But knowledge is one thing, wisdom is another. David has the knowledge and the experience but his wisdom (the appropriate application of knowledge and experience) makes his mentoring and consulting priceless! His wisdom allows him to access the  breadth and depth of his knowledge to know what tools and strategies are best to use in a vast array of circumstances.

David has written 4 books on meetings - one an Australian best seller. Whether it's a question about a technicality on a procedural motion, or an issue about managing conflict in a meeting, or what should and should not be recorded in the minutes, anything about any type of meeting, David has the answer.

David is one of those rare people who is passionate about meetings! The intricacies of meetings and what makes them work (and fail) really excites him when he is showing leaders how to achieve exceptional and sustainable results very simply. But he is far from boring. In fact he's quirky and entertaining. He sees things in different ways and that makes his mentoring and consulting so powerful. He is a thought leader and an agent of change.

There are two main tools which he uses when he works with organisations to revolutionise the way they think about their meetings and the results they deliver. The first is his own External Eyes tool.  He goes into organisations and observes the meetings, the processes and the people and their  interactions and using External Eyes, he sees things that those inside cannot see. He sees things as they really are without the filters of personalities, internal politics, biases, and history. It's very powerful!

The second tool is his Blue Penguin Strategy. Using this strategy, he calls on all his knowledge, experience and wisdom to suggest different ways of organising and running meetings so that clients receive vastly improved results. Those results manifest themselves in better decisions, higher staff engagement, achieving more KPI's, and a significant positive impact on the bottom line. It's Blue Penguin strategies that really make great decisive leaders.

The best way to see how you and your organisation can save literally tens of thousands of dollars, is to book a Meeting Diagnostic. David will come into your organisation and apply the tools and give you a succinct report on the opportunities for you to revolutionise your results. 

David works with corporate organisations, not-for-profit or service organisations - especially their boards,  businesses of all shapes and sizes as well as strata companies and owners' co-operatives. He works one on one with leaders as a meeting mentor and also with groups and teams within organisations. David is also engaged to chair difficult meetings or meetings where an external, impartial chair is needed.