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Clear and concise speaking is essential to get your message across quickly

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While this program was initially designed for local government elected members and councillors, it’s of equal value for anyone who wants to present to a board or committee.


Everyone has been in presentations where a speaker has gone on and on and on. The more they ramble, the more they lose the audience.

The paradox is…. often the more you say, the less impact you have .I’ve been working with people for many years and I’ve realised there are many who do not accept this truth. They believe the more they say, the more impact they’ll have. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This program – How to Get Your message Across in 5 Minutes or Less – emphasizes the importance of the design so you have a good presentation, as well as the skills of clear and concise speaking and communication.

A well-designed presentation assists you to speak clearly and succinctly

A good presentation covers all of these elements…

  • What needs to be said (you’ll learn how to reframe your message simply)
  • How it’s said (you’ll learn advanced presentation skills training)
  • How to structure it so your message it’s clearly understood (this can vary greatly)
  • The presentation training style to bind it all together

 This presentation training program will take you on a journey that many find incredibly difficult and confronting to do.


This is because often the biggest questions that need to be answered are what is NOT SAID, rather than what IS SAID.


Let’s say you come up with 10 hypothetical points you’d like to speak on.

The problem with this is that you’ll not be able to get 10 points across in your allotted time. For example, in a local council meeting, you’ll only have between 3 – 5 minutes to speak.

It’s a common occurrence at a council meeting where a speaker uses their full 5 minutes. Then another councillor will stand up and speak for a shorter period of time of 2 or 3 minutes, and their message will be heard and their message will carry the day.

The reason the second speaker’s shorter message is heard is that they were clear and concise, they focused on the message and structure so they had more clarity when speaking and said it in less time.

This is what this program is all about. It’s about getting your message across in 5 minutes or less, because…


  • You won’t get a second chance to convince the group
  • Someone else will speak with more clarity and make more impact, stealing your opportunity
  • This could mean an important agenda item is now pushed back to another meeting in 1, 2 or 3 months time, or it’s off the table completely. All your hard work disappears in an instant.

The methodology used for the most impact

The Hot-Seat coaching method is used because it demonstrates perfectly how shorter presentations are more effective than longer presentations. Clear and concise speaking is not as easy as it sounds. Shorter presentations are harder to prepare than longer ones. As Mark Twain famously said – It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

When you drill down to the foundation there is a science behind it. Let’s take a look at an historical example.

Case Study - Gettysburg Address - 19th November 1863

Why a 2-minute speech is remembered, and a 2-hour speech is forgotten.


The famous Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln was a 2-minute speech. He had been asked to deliver a message at the dedication of the Gettysburg Civil War Cemetery in 1863.


However, the featured speaker that day was Edward Everett, a former Dean of Harvard University and one of the most famous orators of his day. He spoke for 2 hours, but it was Abraham Lincoln’s speech that was remembered, and has gone down in history as one of the greatest speeches of all time.

Why Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address stood the test of time…

  • It was structured well
  • The first sentence began from a place of agreement
  • It had emotional strategies designed to move people to action
  • He used first person, plural personal pronouns like “we” and “our”
  • It was short
  • He told a story that immediately connected with the audience
  • Rhetorical techniques used such as repetition and psychological persuasion
  • He persuaded by giving clear reasons why he wanted a specific call to action
  • The content was focused on the outcomes on how the audience would be affected
  • He understood his audience’s perspective

 It’s not quite as easy as it may sound. This is where 35+ years of experience from a professional speaking coach can save you lots of time and energy when you need to prepare the best presentation you can in 5 minutes or less.

Wise people speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something. Unknown author.

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“David’s coaching style is clear and concise. He was able to help me understand why and what I needed to do in order to achieve a speaking goal. He then explained how to best implement the steps I needed to take and by doing so saved me immeasurable time.


I had an almost impossible to make deadline, but with David’s input and guidance, I got there. I have no hesitation in admitting this would not have happened had I worked on this alone.


The clarity I gained from David’s coaching was immense. He is hugely generous in his preparedness to share his vast knowledge and experience, driven by a desire to help others succeed. A good Speaking Coach makes you accountable, and David did exactly that.”


Lesa Hinchliffe – Author Entrepreneur to Megapreneur, Director Powerhouse Productions



David is an engaging speaker with lots to offer for those who participate in his very well-delivered courses. I was very impressed at how quickly he was able to assist participants in crafting memorable and effective pitches, in addition to improving their overall presentation skills.


Through the use of humour, practical examples, and engaging all participants in the process, I (and every other participant) left the course with valuable skills that can be utilised every day.


I would not hesitate in recommending David’s course to anyone seeking to improve their presentation skills.


Paul Cook – Lawyer at Sherlock Legal



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