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Raising The Bar

Raising the Bar washington DC conference

A completely different view of high jump and pole vault through a leader’s lens, how to stand out from the crowd and rise to greater heights of achievement and success.

Delivered as: Keynote, Breakout or Workshop

Suitable for any industry and any profession

Ideal Time Slot  – Opening or Closing or after lunch


Themes – Leadership, Disruption, Achievement, Success, Challenge

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 Key features of this program:

Raising The Bar On Your Meetings

A humourous look at the different personalities and power plays, the hidden agendas, and what really happens in meetings, and how to make them worthwhile and productive

Delivered as: Keynote, Breakout or Workshop

Ideal Time Slot  – After lunch


Themes – Productivity, Leadership, Future

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Key features of this program: 

Raising The Bar On Communication & Collaboation


An entertaining & humorous exposé of how communication in organisations and projects go off the rails and how to make collaboration work.

Delivered as: Keynote, Breakout or Workshop

Ideal Time Slot  – After lunch


Themes – Productivity, Leadership, Decisions, Future, Staff Engagement, Implementation

Why book this program


 Key features of this program: 

David’s interactive style with the audience isn’t over the top but it is engaging. He has the ability to cut through the fog of complexity and get to the point quickly and clearly. All of the keynotes, breakouts and workshops can be tailored specifically for your industry, profession or business.

David is a member of the Australian Speakers Hall of Fame and he gives practical tips people can take away and implement immediately.

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker or breakout presenter, give David a call. He works with conference organisers, corporates, associations, meeting planners, anyone who’s organising an event where they need a speaker.


“I’m incredibly impressed by David Julian Price who may be right on the edge of genius. A man who, along with his tremendous background, wisdom and sense of humour, has the ability to match the market with his message. To say things that are so appropriate, and so empowering, and spiritually uplifting, you’ll feel as though your life has been transformed.” – Joel Bauer, Author

The attributes of an effective and memorable keynote speaker

When choosing a keynote speaker it’s important to consider the way they’re going to engage the audience.

A good keynote speaker knows how to make their presentation engaging and informative by building on a vast skillset of advanced presentation skills techniques, as well as understanding how to structure the content so it has….

Once all of these skill sets and techniques are blended together and presented well, the audience will be talking about the presentation long after the keynote speaker has left the stage.

David Julian Price is a professional speaker with runs on the board, and he ticks all of these requirements.

A memorable keynote is not just about the content.

He knows how to wake up the audience and how to keep them awake with effective communication techniques honed over 35+ years as a professional keynote speaker and speaking coach. His complementary skills as a facilitator for strategic meetings and impartial chair add to the depth of understanding he brings to the platform or breakout group.

This all adds up to a leadership keynote presentation style which adds depth to your conference outcomes.


What exactly is a leadership style keynote? It’s where many years of experience in different, complementing genres enhance one another to give more leverage.


David Julian Price’s keynotes and presentations are….


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Washington DC Raising the Bar
Audience size – 2200

London Raising the Bar
Audience size – 250

Singapore Decisioneering
Audience size – 250

Australia Management vs Leadership Audience size – 200​ with David


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