In a world where change is constant, building business relationships quickly is key. 


Executive presence and professional presence can help you stand out in the crowd of emails, voicemails and business meetings. Executive presence offers a personal style that predicts your competence, your credibility, and your personality.


Authenticity is the new currency of leadership. In this program, you’ll learn how to project the authentic you, because people do business with people they know, like and trust and presence is one of the keys to building trust with other people, particularly professionals. 


Executive presence can be learned. Some people are naturals, but most people learn how to project by looking and observing other people whom they admire.


A true leader success is often based on their ability to communicate effectively, persuade others and be decisive and execute what they decide. Most people understand that to move up in their career, they need to have a very high degree of self-awareness, and the ability to manage the perception of other people with whom they come in contact. 


This program is practical and participative and we’ll cover detail that will surprise you. Executive presence is the elusive secret sauce that great leaders possess and project.


Staff Meeting

30 – 90 minutes

2 hour


Half Day


Full day


Small group or

individual coaching

Virtual or

in person face to face